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We have 3 unique titanium double wall tumblers available, which are very sophisticated and of high quality. A gorgeous luxury product, which can maintains the hot or cold temperature of the contents due to the double wall construction.

Keep your hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold, yet maintain a sense of sophistication, while enjoying the true flavor of your drink, as the titanium will not distract you with other flavors.


Materialpure titanium
*a titanium coaster is included with the double wall tumbler.
Double Wall Tumber - Select

Our "Select" model is known for it's simplicity. The double wall construction will allow drinks to remain hot or cold much longer. Condensation should also not be easily produced due its construction.

Double Wall Tumber - Dragon

An image of a sacred dragon encompasses the side wall of this tumbler. The small details of the dragons scales and the dragon itself is well recieved by men.

Double Wall Tumber - Shuten

The Legend of Shuten Doji is from a traditional Japanese story.

Once upon a time, a boy became a student of the Echigo-Kokujoj temple. He was a very handsome boy, so he received many love letters. But, as his only concern was his studies, he did not reply to any of the love letters. Due to this, one young lady committs suicide, as she never received a reply. And due to this incident, the boy becomes a heavy drinker and his face turns into a face of a devil "Oni", and is soon called "Shuten-Doji"