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  1. Try our facial scrubber on one side of your face, and after the first or second use, you may already begin to notice difference between the scrubbed side, and the non-scrubbed side.

  2. For smoother skin, simply massage the facial scrubber in circles across your skin. This process will remove the excess dead skin cells and the asperity from the skin surface. Over time, you will see your skin become smoother and smoother.

  3. Due to our unique titanium surface finishing process, miniscule irregularities are formed on our facial scrubber, which act as tiny brushes. After using our facial scrubber, you may find that application of makeup may become easier.

  4. As we are utilizing titanium, which is biocompatible, our facial scrubber is safe even for people with metal allergies and sensitive skin. So please put your mind at ease and give our facial scrubber a try.

*Warning: We advice that people with atopic skin or other skin ailments not to use this product.


Materialpure titanium

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


How does my skin get smooth with this facial scrubber?


With HORIE Corporation's unique camouflage pattern finishing technology developed by a heat treatment process applied to the titanium. With unique process, we are able to create minute unevenness on the surface, which captures and removes dead skin cells from the skin.

Observe the following microscopic view of the surface of this treated titanium.
(1400x magnification)

In the above images, you can see the countless amount of bumps and irregularities on the surface. This is at the microscopic level, so you may believe that the surface of this facial scrubber may be rough, but as they are very small, the surface feels actually almost silky smooth. When using this facial scrubber, it actually feels quite smooth.


Wouldn't this product damage my skin?


As this product is made from pure titanium, it is safe even for people with sensitive skin and metal allergies. Do not scrub forcefully, and use delicately around the eyes where the skin is known to be much thinner.

*Warning: We recommend that users use this product 2-3 times a week. We also advice that people with atopic skin or other skin ailments not to use this product. If you have a reaction from this product, we advice you not to continue using this product.


How do you use this product?


It's completely easy to use.

  1. Wash face with lukewarm water.
  2. Apply foamed facial cleansing soap or massage oil, and massage face smoothly (no extra force) with the facial scrub in a circular motion.

Color variations


TBR-01 (Pink)
TBR-02 (Blue)
TBR-03 (Green)