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Which Buddha is your guardian?

Your guardian Buddha is determined by your birth year, in accordance to the Chinese zodiac. With your protecting Buddha nearby, invite luck and happiness into your life.

As this charm is made from pure titanium, it will not rust or discolor even when worn at sea or at natural hotsprings. Your Buddha's image is etched with precision and with very clear fine details, which should last for more than a lifetime. The images are raised from the titanium, giving the charm necklace texture.

Add your personal details on the back side and also use this charm necklace as ID necklace.


Chain length60cm
Materialpure titanium

Choose your protecting buddha, according to your Chinese zodiac.

We can etch your ID details on the back of your charm necklace.

Back side:

In addition, instead of having your ID etched onto the back, you can also choose one of 15 patterns available, which state that this is your full time, protecting budhha.
(*with our etching process, text and images are raised, as the base is etched away.)