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HORIE Innovation

HORIE Corporation challenges itself to design and manufacture titanium into various consumer goods that everybody can enjoy, from 1 millimeter products to 10 meters in size. Such enjoyment comes from HORIE by developing their own technology of transforming the metallic color of titanium to the colors of the rainbow.

HORIE products are not only beautiful, but also biocompatible and corrosion-resistant due to using titanium which have such wonderful properties.

colored titanium miniture globe
1997 ITACE lecture
From a lecture given by Takuji Horie, the President of Horie Corporation at the International Titanium Applications Conference & Exhibition. (San Francisco, Oct 8-11, 1997)
HORIE workmanship
Horie Corporation aims to develop original products with their high command of technology and with their accumulated skills in production management and systems.