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Created in a kiln at a temperature of 1055℃, this double wall tumbler has a silky smooth surface, and an unique finish that can also hide fingerprints on the surface.


diameter 70mm x height 135mm, weight 115g, volume 350ml
Lightdiameter 70mm x height 105mm, weight 90g, volume 270ml
Wide mouth (Small)diameter 78mm x height 112mm, weight 95g, volume 290ml
Wide mouth (Mini)diameter 78mm x height 86mm, weight 70g, volume 250ml
Boosterdiameter 79mm x height 113mm, weight 110g, volume 400ml


Our new double walled tumblers have amazing thermal performance. After 3 hours in a 20℃ room, ice in a glass cup would completely melt, whereas in our new tumbler, over half of the ice still remains.

Kamazukuri tumblers possess natural unevenness like hand-throw pottery. And each tumbler has their own unique pattern and a silky finish.