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We would like to present to you, our colored 100% pure titanium Japanese hairpin series "Maihime" (The Dancing Girl). With a wonderful sense of presence, our hairpins are very colorful and cheerful. And with our camouflage pattern finishing, it which provides beautiful sparkle refelctions when exposed to light.

With a single Japanese hairpin, add color to your look. Why not also combine a number of hairpins and have fun with various colors while you're at it!



Product No.
(length x width x thickness)
THS-1-AMomiji135mm x 83mm x 1.5mm20g
THS-1-BUme135mm x 83mm x 1.5mm20g
THS-1-CBotan135mm x 83mm x 1.5mm20g
THS-1-DTsuta135mm x 83mm x 1.5mm20g
THS-1-ENagareume135mm x 83mm x 1.5mm20g
THS-2-AYuzen (Pink)130mm x 35mm x 1.5mm13g
THS-2-BYuzen (Light Blue)130mm x 35mm x 1.5mm13g
THS-2-CYuzen (Purple)130mm x 35mm x 1.5mm13g
THS-2-DYuzen (Tamamushi)130mm x 35mm x 1.5mm13g
THS-3-AManyo (Green)129mm x 33mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-3-BManyo (Blue)129mm x 33mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-3-CManyo (Rainbow)129mm x 33mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-3-DManyo (Purple)129mm x 33mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-4-A1Amanogawa (Green)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-A2Amanogawa (Purple)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-B1Kotori (Yellow Green)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-B2Kotori (Fresh Green)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-C1Kiku (Purple)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-C2Kiku (Green)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-D1Koume (Pink)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-D2Koume (Tamamushi)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-E1Haru-Uta (Yellow)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-4-E2Haru-Uta (Pink)154mm x 20mm x 1.5mm8g
THS-5-ANogiku140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-5-BModern140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-5-C1Koharu (Yellow)140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-5-C2Koharu (Rainbow)140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-5-DHana-Kasumi140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-5-E1Nami (Purple)140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g
THS-5-E2Nami (Green)140mm x 28mm x 1.5mm7g