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With the wonderful metal that is titanium, HORIE Corporation would like to introduce new titanium products.

Here HORIE would like to introduce their sake cup, developed from the modern material, titanium with a design that is from the Jomon period. (Japanese prehistory from about 14,000 BCE to 400 BCE) A natural design which you can easily conform to the irregular surface. And also with just the right handling weight.

The unique patterns on the side is from a traditional hammering technique, "Tsuiki" and each sake cup is handcrafted individually. I hope that you will enjoy this sake cup, and will remain as your sake buddy for a long time.


Outer diameter65mm
Thickness2.0mm | 3.0mm
Weight38g | 86g
Materialpure titanium

Treat yourself to a titanium sake cup

Each design carefully hammered by hand

Easily feel familiar with this design