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HORIE Corporation

Since the formation of our R&D company, HORIE has been been concentrating most of their effort on technological and engineering development. HORIE's encounter with titanium was in 1988, when the company was researching the behaviours of various metallic elements. The company founder felt a fateful encounter with titanium and soon began the process discovering the possibilities with this metal.

After the accumulation of a great deal of data, various processing techniques, and through plenty of trial and error, HORIE was able to develop and manufacture original products one after another. And currently, many clients hold HORIE products in high regard, and its development has spread into a wide range of fields.

When our company begins development for a new product, we also try to harness the characteristics of the material we are using, which is titanium. We believe that utilizing a material to it's fullest extent gives the product more value, than just using a material because it's there. Through our daily focus on research and development, we have observed titanium from many different angles, and continue thrive to create original products which can only be developed by HORIE.

Corporate profile

Established: January 1984
Capital: 35 million (Japanese Yen)
Representative: Director & President Takuji Horie

Corporate history

Jan 1984 Established Horie Metals at the Koike industrial park of Tsubame city in Niigata prefecture. Commenced operations by developing an automated Trichloroethylene washer for cleaning stainless steel kitchen goods.
Oct 1984 Established as Horie Metals limited company.
Capital: 3 million (Japanese yen)
Jan 1985 Relocated to a new head office and factory within the Koike industrial park.
Jul 1986 Began gilding with precious metals (gold & silver).
Mar 1988 Began the development of processing titanium and anodization techniques.
Jan 1992 Launched titanium art pieces "Current" with titanium coloring techniques.
Aug 1992 Reorganized the company to HORIE Corporation.
Capital: 10 million (Japanese yen)
Dec 1992 Attended the IFFT'92 exhibition, at Harumi, Tokyo and displayed colored titanium products.
May 1993 Launched antibacterial earring "Tipia" series, and exhibited at various exhibitions.
Apr 1994 Began OEM manufacturing of titanium outdoor products. (ie: mugs, camping cookware, etc.)
Jun 1995 Began high-volume production of titanium designer plates for Toyota; Crown Majesta automobiles.
Oct 1995 Capital increased to 20 million (Japanese yen)
Sep 1996 Began selling our antibacterial leafy titanium "Lustre" product.
Jun 1997 HORIE Corporation products and titanium processing techniques are presented on a Niigata NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) documentary special.
Dec 1997 Began selling our first stage of energy saving cookware products, "Energy saving titanium grill (steak) pans".
Jan 1999 Began selling our second stage of energy saving cookware products, "Energy saving titanium triple pans".
May 2000 Launched our titanium collection series. (beer cups, sake cups, etc.)
Nov 2000 Awarded the Development recognition award from the Japan Titanium Society and the Niigata prefectural governors award in the technology sector.
Apr 2001 Capital increased to 30 million (Japanese yen)
Jan 2002 HORIE online titanium shop inaugurated (in Japanese only)
Jun 2002 Capital increased to 35 million (Japanese yen)
Jan 2003 Acquired adjacent factory space (1000m²) as an annex factory for machining process.
Apr 2003 Began mass production of etching titanium plates for motorcycle add-on parts.
Oct 2003 Began taking orders for original all Titanium ID necklaces, and mass production of tail-caps for brand-name motorcycle parts.
Dec 2004 Began selling hard-to-burn titanium Japanese pans "Gold pan".
Mar 2006 Awarded the Otani Art Award "For the development of coloring titanium and the development of unique technology".
Jun 2007 Acquired adjacent land (1000m²) from the annex factory and constructed a new company building.


A summary of an article written by Mr. Azusa Yamane for the weekly magazine "Shukan Post" Dec. 13, 2002. No.563. which introduces HORIE Corporation and it's various developments in technology.
The Age of Excellent Craftsman in Technology
(1.6MB PDF)