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These titanium card cases are made of 100% pure titanium, and are exceptionally smooth to the touch. The unique camouflage pattern finishing, allows the reflective suface to slightly change appearances, according to the angle from which it is viewed.

We also have various graphics which can give the business card case a wonderful shiney look. Text, such as names and special characters can be etched onto the card case, making this an excellent personal gift.


Size94mm x 59mm (lid closed)
Thickness6mm (including lid)
MaterialPure titanium

Color variations

Select a color from 9 different types of beautifully anodized titanium colors.

No.01 titanium silver
Color No. 01
titanium silver
No.02 titanium gold
Color No. 02
titanium gold
No.03 blue
Color No. 03
No.04 pink
Color No. 04
No.05 green
Color No. 05
No.06 blue-yellow
Color No. 06
No.07 blue gradation
Color No. 07
blue gradation
No.08 green gradation
Color No. 08
green gradation
No.09 pink-gold
Color No. 09

Graphics variations

Select a graphic from the 40 different types of graphical designs.

*Maximum of 2 lines available for engraving.
  Different fonts may be used for each line.
  Have your message aligned to the left, center or right of the business card case.